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For blisters in the mouth

If one has blisters in mouth or boils on body, then the Surah Ad-duha should be recited 41 times and blow on sugar which the should be chewed. InshaAllah, he will be cured. وَالضُّحٰىۙ‏ ٠ وَالَّيۡلِ اِذَا سَجٰىۙ‏ ٠ مَا وَدَّعَكَ رَبُّكَ وَمَا قَلٰىؕ‏ ٠ وَلَـلۡاٰخِرَةُ خَيۡرٌ لَّكَ مِنَ الۡاُوۡلٰىؕ‏ ٠ وَلَسَوۡفَ يُعۡطِيۡكَ رَبُّكَ فَتَرۡضٰىؕ‏ […]