Aala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza was on his way to Harmain Sharifain when suddenly a storm struck, the sea and the ship was about to drown but Aala Hazrat was cool and calm as always. People started rescue operations and came to him and asked “How are you so relaxed ?” “The ship will never drown, came the reply, as I have recited the dua before I boarded it”; and that’s what actually happened because after a few moments people could see no signs of the storm, Subhanallah.

بِسۡمِ اللّٰهِ مَجْرٖؔٮٰھَا وَمُرۡسٰٮهَا ‌ؕ اِنَّ رَبِّىۡ لَـغَفُوۡرٌ رَّحِيۡمٌ ‏

– Surah 11, Verse 41

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